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Remote Job Opportunities

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Customer Service/Tech by Phone

This is a Remote Employment Opportunity for two companies back to back! You will earn GREAT REVENUE, INCENTIVES AND MORE YEAR ROUND! Enroll NOW in both classes at the same time AND for a limited time earn $20.00 per hour on the following program for the first month of working!!

The deadline to sign up for the first class is December 21, 2022 and it starts on 01.03.23 and at the successful completion of the class you will work through 04.30.23 (seasonal tax position).

If you meet all the Special Servicing and Peak Weeks/Peak Days requirements, you will earn great revenue up to $18.00 per hour during the busy tax season.

You will then take the exclusive second class which starts on 05.01.23 and start servicing for this job on May 30th and service this program for as long as you want!

And by the way, you will earn $20.00 per hour on this program in the first month!

Want more information? Fill out a job application here to start the process and we will schedule an interview with more details.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Parah By Amana, LLC Team

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